roland higham

sound consultant for Opera North

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As a leading opera company Opera North demands a lot from sound and their requirements are varied and challenging. Sweeny Todd was one such example of this. Balancing the tastes of widening audiences is always a delicate act and future projects such One Touch of Venus will stretch the challenges further.

More recently One Touch of Venus moved to Sadlers Wells. This great piece which hadn't been performed for over fifty years required reinforcement so subtle that it wasn't even mentioned in the programme!

Foaie Verde (Green Leaf) is a fantastic chamber music event, exploring traditional Transylvanian music from Romania. The project brings together guest musicians and members of the Orchestra of Opera North and was created by the violinist Joe Townsend, inspired by the Opera North production of Duke Bluebeard’s Castle.
Thanks to Andy Thonrton for helping out with this one.

Opera North's Sweeny Todd