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There are many texts on electronic theory and many on acoustic theory, but I have never found one overall text that seems appropriate for the sound engineer on the road. I hope these notes go some way towards providing that text. There is a vast amount of information that needs to be distilled onto these pages and like the best whisky it'll take time to mature, so please bear with me during this process. If you see any errors or want any other information to be added, email me on

The information is broken down into the following catagories:

Acoustic things
Wave theory (including reflection and refraction), inverse square law, near field, reverberant field, using phase checkers & other test equipment, setting delay times, reducing feedback, etc. etc
Electronic things
Amplifiers, gains (including dB), gain structures, clip levels, limit points etc.
Pinouts & wiring
Common wiring schedules for audio, data and some video terminations.
Sources & further reading
Sources texts and suggestions for further research including some interesting websites

corrections & errors
log of corrections - check here if you have downloaded anything